A Place To Go Kayaking In London & The Area

A fantastic way to discover the UK city from the sea is by Kayaking in London. A kayaking excursion that combines the rush and bustle of the city with the quiet and tranquillity of the canal is sure to be entertaining.

The River Thames, which flows through London, is the longest river in all of England at 215 miles. The North Sea is joined at Thames Head, which is close to the village of Kemble. The Thames offers a playground for those who want to discover new places while taking in the countryside and market towns that the river passes through.

Using your own kayak and equipment is the first of two ways you may enjoy kayaking in London. The second option is to employ one of the numerous excellent kayak rental businesses in London, which will provide you with a kayak and all the necessary equipment for a certain period. 


When kayaking in London, it’s essential to remember that a sizable amount of the River Thames is tide-dependent. But the river doesn’t go tidal until the first lock at Teddington (from the sea). However, the path mentioned above is located in a non-tidal area of the River Thames. It’s still important to be mindful of this, and as a general rule, mid-tide is the least secure tide state for beginning kayakers to paddle in. The water movement will be weaker during high and low tides. The water will move faster at mid-tide, which is fantastic if you are going with the current but not so lovely if you are fighting it.

Make sure you wear a buoyancy aid to ensure your safety while travelling (you can find a recommendation at the bottom of this page). Ensure that your buoyancy aid fits snugly and won’t accidentally fall off your head. Pack adequate water for the duration of your planned outing, and always have a phone in case you need to contact for assistance in an emergency.


On the River Thames, a kayaking licence is required. If you use the waterways regularly, obtaining a licence is a relatively simple online process and a wise investment. You will be given a digital consent that you may access on your phone in case you need to show it.

Locks & Weirs 

The portion of the River Thames that is not subject to tides has 45 locks. If there isn’t a lock keeper there, you can also operate the lock yourself. Lock keepers are frequently present at each lock to assist you in navigating your way through. Many persons may be headed towards the same lock because many boats and other kayakers are frequently enjoying the river. As a result, it is fairly simple to enter the water next to the ships without having to worry about using the lock yourself.


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