Autumn Camping Guide: Best Tips

Why halt now? When the summer is over, it is the question every camper should be asking themselves. Autumn is lovely, and despite the occasionally chilly and rainy weather, it has so lot to offer the camper who is ready and planning their next vacation.

This post offers our best advice for maximising your camping experience as the season transitions into fall.

Autumn Camping

There are only a few more considerations when camping in the fall compared to summer. Autumn weather may be erratic, with cooler temperatures and impending wet days. But there is no reason not to attempt camping in the autumn if you have the necessary equipment and are seeking a late-season getaway outside of “peak.”

Before we share our best advice, allow us to explain the advantages of camping during non-peak seasons.

It’s Quieter

Many campers will be putting away their tents for the winter after the peak summer camping season. We consistently discover that hotspot campgrounds, pitches, and even neighbourhood bars are calmer and not nearly as crowded, making them the ideal vacation for anybody looking for a tranquil break.

It Costs Less

If you’ve ever perused a campground reservation calendar, you’ve probably noticed that rates rise in the summer to keep up with demand. Even though many of us camp all throughout the summer, it’s fantastic to take advantage of the cheaper rates for pitches in crucial months like October and early March, when the weather might be pleasant but peak season hasn’t yet begun.

It’s Wonderful

It’s impossible to deny the possibility that autumnal experiences may be colder and wetter. But don’t be deterred by it. If you’re searching for a last-minute getaway and keep a close watch on the weather, you’ll be amazed at how cosy camping in the fall can be with the correct gear. In spite of what Alfred Wainwright famously remarked, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate attire; you can’t always count on the beautiful British weather.

Let’s examine the most delicate technique to be ready for a fall camping trip.

Pre-Plan Your Trip

As with any camping trip or outdoor excursion, it’s a good idea to consider the location and weather because they will affect the equipment you pack. Autumn weather may be erratic, so be sure to frequently check the forecast and make the appropriate equipment purchases to be warm and dry.

Pick the Right Gear

Any camping trip you take in the fall will be comfortable and toasty if you have the correct equipment. Examining your “sleep system” is one of the critical components of any cold weather camp. A sleeping bag and a mat used in tandem to stave off the cold are known as sleep system. You will experience the cold if your sleeping bag is of a high calibre, yet you are using a Lillo from your neighbourhood grocery store. Spend money on high-quality items to get a good night’s sleep.

Staying Dry

Be careful to be prepared for rain because the magnificent British weather may be erratic. Additionally, waterproof footwear is strongly advised. Waterproof coats and pants are also a need.

Checking your stuff before you travel would be our best advice for campers in the fall. Nothing is worse than arriving at your campsite only to discover that your tent has a leak, so check it out before you leave and, if necessary, reproof it to guarantee that it will keep the rain out. Practising before your trip makes you feel confident erecting your tent in any condition.

Another thing to think about this season is the wind. Use your guylines wisely and search for cover from a hedge, treeline, or structure when setting up your tent. Just be careful not to set up camp below a tree since the sap from the tree will rip the cloth.

Staying Warm

Having warm clothes, a comfortable sleeping arrangement and a heat source all contribute to staying warm. Warm meals and hot beverages are ideal for added warmth to your camping setup. We usually advise bringing a portable burner and easy-to-cook meals, and don’t forget your flask.


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