The UK’S Best Walks

Nothing is more calming than taking a leisurely stroll in the countryside on a peaceful and tranquil day, and the UK is know for some of the best walks in the world which is why we’ve put together this list of some of the nicest and most beautiful walks.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path, located in Southwest Wales, is a 186-mile route that travels through some of the most diverse and beautiful coastal terrains in all of Britain. It runs from St. Dogmaels all the way down to the little community of Amroth in the south.

We suggest beginning your holiday romp with a leisurely stroll through the lovely ancient walled town of Tenby, then continuing north down the coast for approximately three miles, following the breathtaking cliffs, until you reach the quaint tiny settlement of Saundersfoot.

The views in and around Carmarthen Bay are incredibly breathtaking and perfect for the holiday season. Make sure to get to Tenby by 11:30 am to participate in the community’s fun-filled annual fancy-dress Boxing Day swim.

Lackford Lakes, Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Is there a more ideal path than Lackford Lakes for your holiday Boxing Day walk? It offers a broad range of mesmerising animals along with gorgeous scenery of lakes, meadows, woods, and more.

Witness various animals, from tiny yet gorgeous dragonflies to cuddly otters. With the magnificent, iridescent Kingfisher, the vibrant Shoveler ducks, and the goosanders with their tails combed back, Lackford Lakes offers a superb opportunity to get outside and take in some of the avian diversity that also contributes to Britain’s greatness. Bond enthusiasts could even be fortunate enough to see a Goldeneye.

The Roaches, Peak District

Do you want a little more excitement? Why not venture up to The Roaches in the Peak District as part of your holiday trip to experience some wilderness? The abundance of weathered gritstone creates a true sense of free-form sculpture at every turn.

After a leisurely three-mile stroll starting on Roach Road and moving north from Upper Hulme, take in the Peak’s most stunning skyline. The mesmerising crags may be seen up here at the Roaches; they are not to be missed. To see most of the breathtaking crags, continue with a gradual 30-minute trek up to the spooky, moss-covered abyss known as Lud’s Church.

The Catbells, Lake District

Everyone is welcome at The Catbells in the Lake District, regardless of their degree of skill as a walker. A charming fall that more than makes up for the strain of the climb by offering some of Cumbria’s most breathtaking vistas. What could be more ideal than a pleasant warm beverage at the summit?

By simply altering your route and including any additional diversions you might want to take, you can make this walk as long or short as you’d like. This 3.5-mile walk, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, is regarded as one of the Lake District’s most famous treks because of the stunning views.

Glencoe Lochan, Scottish Highlands

Glencoe Lochan in the Scottish Highlands places last on our list and is its northernmost component. The Glencoe Lochan trail runs along the side of a serene lake surrounded by thick highland trees and breathtaking scenery, not far from the sleepy small settlement of Glencoe. Lord Strathcona established these American forests in the late 19th century to ease his Canadian wife’s homesickness.

No of your expertise, the path is truly a simple hike for the whole family. There are also some longer, steeper choices nearby if you want to test the limits and feel more daring. With plenty of breathtaking vistas to take in and many fun small off-the-beaten-path locations for youngsters to discover. The ideal way to round off your Christmas vacation.


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