The Best Location For Camping In the UK

Camping is a beautiful opportunity to take advantage of the summer, explore the great outdoors, and create lifelong memories. Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your family or spouse, unwind from daily stress, and reset your body clock. It’s also an excellent opportunity to pick up a new interest.

We’ve compiled a list of the top camping locations around the United Kingdom. Let’s look into these.

The Best Places To Go Camping

You don’t need to go much farther if you’re looking for ideas on places to go camping. No matter how you spend your time outdoors, we’ve got the appropriate camping spot for you.

Cairngorms – Camping score: 9.36/10

Four of Britain’s five tallest mountains are found in the Cairngorms National Park, also renowned for its surrounding ancient villages and starry nights. You won’t be shocked to learn that the Cairngorms are the top camping location in the UK if it sounds like your most amazing day. The region is well-liked by people of all ages and is home to spectacular views and sceneries.

Small tents typically cost £24 a night for two persons, which is less than most places on our list. We discovered that 75% of campgrounds are available year-round, 57% are pet-friendly, and 73% offer internet connectivity.

Dumfries & Galloway – Camping score: 8.79/10

The Galloway Forest Park, Scotland’s largest forest, is located in this well-liked Scottish camping area, making it the ideal spot for off-the-grid camping. There are many camping alternatives, from serene ranches like Balloch O Dee to the more energetic Auchenlarie Holiday Park, which has a pool, bar, and cafe.

The lowest price we discovered across all the venues we looked at was £20 per night on average for a small tent for two persons. Nearly all campgrounds allow pets, 45% are open all year round, and 73% have internet connections.

Fort William – Camping score: 7.53/10

Fort William is the second Scottish camping location in our top three for those looking for a quiet, secluded break.

Out of our top three camping spots, Fort William is the most expensive; on average, a small tent for two persons costs £27.88 a night. 3 out of 4 campgrounds allow pets, 53% are open all year round, and 73% provide campers with internet access.

The Best Places For Family Camping

Fort William – Family camping score: 8.93/10

The best option for your next excursion is Fort William if you and your family think that camping adjacent to Loch Linnhe and close to the well-known tourist destination, Ben Nevis, would be your Greatest Day.

Around 10 miles from Fort William, the Bunree Caravan Club Site is next to Loch Linnhe and offers beautiful views and a playground; and is located about 5 miles from Sallachan Stone Beach, the closest beach. The campground at the Ben Nevis Holiday Park boasts a view of the iconic mountain, power hookups, and a playground and is suitable for both older and younger kids.

We examined every campground in the region and discovered that 87% are best for older kids and 73% for younger kids. Nearly 75% of campsites offer internet connectivity, and 13% of them feature a playground for children. In Fort William, a family tent typically costs £32.75.

Conwy – Family camping score: 8.08/10

Conwy, located in the centre of North Wales, is a well-liked destination for campers because of its rich mediaeval history, breathtaking scenery, and tranquil atmosphere. Conwy is great for families since it’s close to Snowdonia National Park, making it an enjoyable family day trip.

In Conwy, 69% of campsites are best for families with older kids, 81% for families with younger kids, 31% provide playgrounds for kids, and 62% have an internet connection. A family tent typically costs £35.

Dumfries & Galloway – Family camping score: 8.04/10

One of the best locations in the UK for families wanting an excellent camping experience is Dumfries & Galloway, situated in Scotland’s Southern Uplands.

73% of the campgrounds in the region are best for older kids, 63% are best for younger kids, and 40% provide playgrounds for kids. For those households that just cannot live without it, about three quarters also offer an internet connection. The least expensive of our top three regions, Dumfries & Galloway has an average cost of £20 for a medium tent for a family.


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