Malvern Hills End to End Walk

The Malvern Hills, at 425 metres, are not the tallest hills in the nation, but since they are situated in a relatively flat location, they seem to dominate the landscape and can be seen for miles in all directions. It’s the kind of range that appears to spring directly from the earth. The entire length of the range can be seen from a distance, and you can’t help but feel compelled to trek from one end to the other. You can do just that, which is lovely news. The Malvern Hills End to End walk is a fantastic path with breathtaking 360-degree vistas that can be taken at any time of year.

The Malvern Hills End-to-End Walk

The Malvern Hills End to End trek is a rather arduous nine-kilometres. Even though Worcestershire Beacon’s highest point is just 425 metres high, the trek makes it seem like you are ascending considerably higher. On a clear day, you can see both the Welsh Mountains and the Bristol Channel in the distance, both stunning vistas.

The path ascends and descends again as it passes each hill in the range. This indicates numerous opportunities to increase your heart rate, and you’ll finish the day believing you took a good walk. There are many opportunities to pause and take in the scenery during the walk’s many open hilltop areas.

When is the Best Time to do the Malvern Hills End to End Walk?

This walk may be done at any time of year because the road is reasonably well paved, but if at all possible, try to choose a clear day. You would be seriously losing out if you selected a day when clouds obscure the hilltops because the vistas are what makes this walk so unique.

Mountain bikers and pedestrians alike enjoy the Malvern Hills, which may get rather crowded on the weekends. However, as the bulk of people will only be doing the shorter, round paths rather than the entire distance, you’ll still be able to find some quiet in certain areas.

The Route

The path starts at the southernmost point of the Malvern Hills and concludes at its northernmost point as expected. If you want to walk this route on a busy weekend, it is better to arrive early to ensure a parking place at the little layby at the beginning (use postcode HR8 1SE).

The path is generally simple to follow, but there are a few spots where getting lost is possible; thus, it is advised to utilise a map or the OS software.

A minimum of 5 hours should be allotted for the walk, but you should allow more time if you intend to stop frequently to snap photographs and even more time if you intend to stop for coffee.


Conveniently, there is a roadside cafe and restrooms around the midway point as the trail descends and crosses the A449. It’s a nice spot to grab some cake and coffee to keep yourself energised.

Things to Do Nearby Mountain bikers and hikers alike enjoy the Malvern Hills for their varied terrain. Making a weekend out of it would allow you to climb the slopes on foot one day and then by bike the next. The hills may be covered by a number of different routes, ranging from a quick 6 km route to a lung-busting 19 km route with lots of climbs and fast-flowing downhill parts as rewards.


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