The Great British Outdoor Index: The Popular Summer Adventures

We’ve crunched the data to identify the best adventure inspiration for summer, including everything from what to adventure and what would be the best for you. 

This report provides all the information you want to get inspired for your next British outdoor adventure, regardless of whether you’re a walker, thrill seeker, or adventure blog-binger.

Greatest Adventures in the UK

What are the most well-liked adventures in the UK, and which counties provide the most excellent opportunity for people to partake in their preferred experience?

Camping – 5,273,500 Annual Google Searches

The most popular adventure in the UK is camping, which received more than 5 million searches a year ago. As there were over twice as many camping-related searches in 2018 as there were in 2017, camping appears to have become significantly more popular than it was in 2021. People have shown a greater preference for local camping over international travel, perhaps as a result of the epidemic. In the UK, there are camping areas everywhere. Camping may be enjoyable in all types of weather and terrain, making it a fantastic outdoor activity year-round.

Backpacking – 1,458,000 Annual Google Searches

Independent, low-cost travel that involves carrying everything you need everywhere is known as backpacking. Backpacking is one of the most searched-for experiences in the UK, with slightly under 1.5 million searches. Many people are searching for inexpensive vacation options due to the rising cost of living, and hiking fits the bill. Although backpacking is typically done outside the UK, it may be just as fun, especially in the more extensive national parks. The best season for backpacking in the UK would be in the summer because you wouldn’t want to spend much time outside in the chilly rain of the British winter.

Mountain Biking – 1,265,000 Annual Google Searches

Mountain biking, a little more exhilarating adventure activity, is the third most searched-for adventure activity in the UK (1.27 million searches per year until 2021). All outdoor activities offer excellent advantages for your physical and mental health, and mountain biking is an affordable way to experience nature. In fact, compared to 2020, mountain biking has experienced a significant decline in popularity. This decline may be related to the pandemic. It is advised to go mountain biking in the summer when there is less rain and a lower risk of slipping. As the name implies, mountains are excellent mountain biking locations and can be found in many national parks around Britain.

Walking – 1,172,500 Annual Google Searches

Exploring the outdoors on foot is an excellent opportunity to meet new difficulties. Walking is free and straightforward for everyone and is suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. Walking has maintained its appeal throughout the years, as seen by the over 1 million Google searches it received last year, making it the fourth most popular adventure activity in the UK. You may walk anywhere, but national parks, fells, and mountains are the greatest since they provide breathtaking vistas. Since walking is a great activity to partake in all year long, there is no perfect time to do it.

Running – 913,500 Annual Google Searches


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