How To Go Canyoning For Beginners

You’ve definitely seen pictures or movies of people abseiling behind waterfalls, jumping from enormous heights into rock pools, and exploring canyons while wearing wetsuits and harnesses. It appears to be both tremendously entertaining and scary. If you’ve long thought about trying canyoning but don’t know where to go or how to begin, this guest post is for you.

What is Canyoning?

A combination of rock and water sports, canyoning is sometimes called “canyoneering.” You may anticipate hiking through river gorges, abseiling behind waterfalls, and plunging into amazing rock pools when canyoning. You will undoubtedly conclude a canyoning vacation in the UK drenched and high on adrenaline.

Canyoning is a fantastic combination of outdoor pursuits like rock climbing and free-diving. Canyoning nearly always entails rock climbing, and you’ll do a lot of abseiling and rappelling in most canyons. Given that most canyons contain water, swimming is also a crucial component of canyoning. Fun may be had in the water, but swimming prowess and understanding of water safety are essential. The activity has evolved into an adventure sport that uses methods comparable to climbing and caving.

Where Are the Best Canyoning Locations?

The best places to go canyoning are typically found in mountainous regions where rivers and tall mountains combine to make narrow canyons. Beautiful rock features are there because of the water’s natural erosion of the rock. This natural erosion produces smooth waterfalls that resemble natural water parks. Some canyons may be rather challenging, as you will discover (involving tricky moves and rope work). The majority of canyons, though, are reachable and merely need walking or jumping.

Although there are amazing canyons in North Wales and the Lake District as well, Scotland is generally regarded as having the most excellent canyoning spots in the UK.

Among Scotland’s top canyons are Bruar, Dollar, Alva, and the Grey Mares Tail. They provide everything for the aspiring adventurer, including large abseils, zip lines, jumps, and breathtaking views. Everything is available for experience. Daily excursions with knowledgeable guides are available to various areas around Scotland from The Canyoning Company.

Why not try canyoning overseas in places like Madeira, the Pyrenees, or the Alps if you’re trying to take your canyoning adventures global? Europe has some of the most fantastic canyons in the world, providing a genuine adventure experience.

Is Canyoning Risky?

Canyoning is an adventure sport that may develop into an extreme sport, like any adventure activity. Like any adventure activity, canyoning has its dangers. The hazards might increase if you lack environmental expertise or understanding.

Like any activity, you should ensure you have the necessary tools and abilities before taking on the task. By using a recognised canyoning supplier, you may get this. Adventure companies like The Canyoning Company guarantee that a qualified instructor will accompany you and be provided with all the necessary gear to feel secure and at ease during your excursion.

To ensure that your instructor, gear, and canyon are of the best calibre, we advise choosing an ICOpro (International Canyoning Organization for Professionals) approved centre.

The canyon’s water level and flow are susceptible to change and fluctuation. This may sometimes develop into a dangerous situation very fast. Always check the weather three days before your canyoning excursion and while you’re out there.

Selecting an ICOpro-accredited supplier will take care of this for you. The canyon can be more exciting and challenging when there is a lot of water around, but too much water can also be deadly. Before travelling, get advice from nearby canyoning guides, instructors, and businesses.


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