Bloomcare: Lifestyle and Activities

For more than a decade, Bloomcare’s specialist care centres across the northwest have delivered essential care to people living with mental health issues, alcohol and drug dependencies, Alzheimer’s and a need for rehabilitation.

Bloomcare is a leading care provider that operates with a special focus on Christian values. The company places the values of empathy, love and kindness at the centre of all its operations and activities.

Over the past 14 years, Bloomcare has worked tirelessly to create a flexible service, placing its residents and their needs and wants at its very heart. For clients, arriving at a Bloomcare home is not the end; rather, it is the start of an exciting new chapter in their lives. Bloomcare recognises the importance of the dignity of the human spirit, placing an emphasis on respecting this dignity to preserve the wellbeing of each and every client.

Operating with an emphasis on personalised care, Bloomcare runs a comprehensive programme of clubs and regular events. However, it is in the provision of bespoke activities that the leading care provider really stands out, going above and beyond to help clients to find and participate in activities they are passionate about, living their lives as they choose. Bloomcare caters for a wide range of interests, hobbies and lifestyle choices, with planned daily events based on each client’s abilities and preferences.

Bloomcare stages social events, cultural experiences and entertainment events, regularly conducting group visits to exhibitions, theatres and local points of interest. Bloomcare’s dedicated lifestyle team strives to bring each client the personalised activities they enjoy and also introduce them to new experiences too. Team members work closely with clients to put together bespoke living schedules that reflect each individual client’s unique interests and preferences.

Part of Bloomcare’s Philosophy of Care is that meaningful occupation and activities are the responsibility of all. Whether the client wishes to enjoy a walk in the countryside or try their hand at learning to play a new musical instrument, Bloomcare’s team is there to help them and make them feel at home.

Recognising the importance of nutritious, high-quality home cooking as an essential part of making someone feel at home in new surroundings, the Bloomcare family prioritises mealtimes, creating dining experiences that encourage clients to sit, eat and drink in a relaxed setting, leaving each meal satisfied and with a full stomach.

All Bloomcare homes offer freshly-cooked, nutritionally balanced and appetising meals, with an emphasis on seasonality and fresh, nutritious ingredients. Utilising an in-depth knowledge of the preferences and nutritional requirements of clients, Bloomcare’s chefs prepare a range of wholesome menus, each put together on site throughout the day.

Client preferences are always taken into account when chefs prepare their bespoke four-week meal plans, which combine classic, traditional and regional cuisine with personal twists. Recognising the importance of variety, as well as the fact that everyone looks forward to a good meal, Bloomcare strives to keep things interesting when it comes to mealtimes. The care provider even stages regular themed meal days, as well as inviting residents to get involved with the preparation of meals, if they wish. Recognising the huge impact that nutrition and enriching mealtimes can have on the lives of its residents, Bloomcare is committed to making mealtimes a rewarding and enjoyable part of each day.

Bloomcare sets the standard for memory care, providing convenient onsite amenities, life enrichment programmes, resident-centred healthcare and personalised services in an access controlled, professional managed and intimate home setting.

Dementia is not a normal part of the aging process. Rather, it is an umbrella term assigned to a group of symptoms caused by progressive damage to nerve cells in the brain. This cognitive decline can be triggered by a variety of causes, with Alzheimer’s disease the most common. In fact, more and more people are being diagnosed with a combination of vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Bloomcare’s memory care programme is designed for senior adults with cognitive impairment. Bloomcare recognises the importance of building compassionate and trusting relationships with the clients it serves. The Bloomcare team works closely with service users to get to know the unique personality, biography and life journey of each client, better enabling the Bloomcare team to help clients live stimulating, enjoyable and fulfilling lives. Bloomcare accommodates clients with late, middle and early-stage Alzheimer’s and dementia, with its memory care programme innovatively developed by experts. In addition, Bloomcare staff have been specially trained to overcome the unique challenges associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Bloomcare’s care team benefits from extensive knowledge and skills development, with the company staging regular observational audits to ensure the highest standards of care for people living and working in Bloomcare communities.


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