Weymouth and Portland

Bournemouth weatherWelcome to our  Portland Webcam, live views of the Harbour, watch the windsurfers, sailors and kitesurfers do their thing. We now have a live weather station Bournemouth live weather


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21 responses to “Weymouth and Portland”

  1. hallam101 says:

    Hopefully going to be epic in the morning!!!

  2. Ash20girly says:

    We’ll be heading here on Saturday & Sunday for the Royal Navy vs. Royal Marines Kite Championships, looking windy & should be a good weekend!

  3. sparkymick says:

    Back on again & what a great web cam, well done

  4. SteveDean1 says:

    Hi guys and girls, was out off the country this weekend and randomly couldn’t get internet access to check the cam!! Its back in the game though :-)

  5. windsurf says:

    what happened to the webcam? can’t see anything today

  6. SteveDean1 says:

    Winds up again looks like a few windsurfers and kitesurfers are out!!

  7. driddle22 says:

    thinking about giving portland a try this weekend, have never been, what info can you give me, like how busy it might be, if you stay out all day or resticted by the tides,
    fingers crossed looks like wind,

  8. Lucie. says:

    Boo, was hoping for a quick Portland Harbour session in my lunchbreak but no one kiting. Fingers crossed for a good weekend in Calshot, then.

  9. SteveDean1 says:

    Good to see some kites up this morning!

  10. Lucie. says:

    This is too frustrating! 52 mins til I can leave work and hit the water… Bet the wind will have dropped by then. Looks lovely out there…

      • Lucie. says:

        Hey, yes I did! Really nice after-work session for an hour and a half before I hot-footed it down to Calshot to spend the weekend with Dan. Really grateful that you posted that kiters were out on Thursday – the anemometer in the harbour was reading zilch so I wouldn’t have bothered going down, until you mentioned the kiters being out!I can’t actually view the webcam from the pc on my desk (work firewall stops it) but I will check in on the forum now and again to see if you have posted that people are kiting 😉

  11. SteveDean1 says:

    Thanks Oozi, appreciate the link!!!

  12. oozzie says:

    Fantastic Webcam – I have given you some free exposure on my blog
    http://olympicsweymouth2012.blogspot.com which has been running for 4 years now.

  13. SteveDean1 says:

    Press the like button above the streaming to send to friends on Facebook!

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Thanks to our Friends at The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, we have placed a Weymouth webcam overlooking the main Windsurfing and Sailing launching slipways for the 2012 Olympic games. Situated on The Academy’s building our camera gives unrivalled views of the Dinghy sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing sailing areas. So Bookmark this page and keep checking the conditions at Weymouth and Portland.  You can also search for local, shops and centres for lessons, events, equipment and even jobs.