Solent and Calshot

Bournemouth weatherWelcome to our  Solent and Calshot webcam, watch the Windsurfers, sailors and kitesurfers do their thing. We now have a live weather station Bournemouth live weather.


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7 responses to “Solent and Calshot”

  1. Zimigery says:

    My car is broke and I cant get out to take pictures. I am so depressed. Watching Calshot webcam now and the guys are out having a ball ;0(

  2. Zimigery says:

    What a great Bank Holiday weekend it was down at Calshot. Awesome Kite surfing, Kite surfing lessons, with 24/7 Boardsports on site for all your gear. Calshot Sailing Club weekly races, great wind. What a place to come down to. Don’t forget to come show off your raleys, grabs, 360’s. I might just capture your move to show off to your friends.
    Thanks Steve for a great site.

  3. SteveDean1 says:

    Spider has gone to a better place !!!

  4. Grisleybear says:

    Arhhhhh this brings back memories!!! : )

  5. SteveDean1 says:

    Make sure you pop into our friends at 24/7 boardsports if your heading down to Calshot!! They are half way down the spit on the right!! The shop is an Aladdin’s cove of toys!!

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Frequently Asked questions

  • Will the beach cams work on my mobile? Yes on apple devices, for Android you will need to download an app to view Flash content. I have used ‘Photon Flash Player‘ many times and it works well. Android will be available in the future though.


  • The Beach cam is not showing? the cams will go down from time to time. 90%of the time its a case of just resetting the webcam. If you do visit and the cam is not working, feel free to let me know via Facebook or email


  • How do you take pictures of the webcam streaming on my your phone? It’s very simple I explain here.


  • Can you install a webcam for my company? Yes I can, send me an email and we can talk through the process.

Welcome to the Solent and Calshot live streaming webcam. Great place to check the conditions for this years Cowes Week, with awesome views of the Solent and the entrance to Southampton water, for windsurfers, kitesurfers, dinghy sailors, yacht sailors and powerboaters.The camera is situated on a Calshot Activities Centre building right next door to 24-7Boardsports. We hope it is useful, join us on facebook to get updates on whats going on on the beach. You can also search for local, shops and centres for lessons, events, equipment and even jobs.