Poole Harbour

Bournemouth weatherPoole Harbour Webcam, live views of the Harbour, watch the Windsurfers and kitesurfers do their thing. We now have a live weather station Bournemouth live weather.




Poole harbour Cam not working! The Watersports Academy is moving location, their previous building is being knocked down. Don’t panic they are only moving next door but until they get sorted my cam will be down (need an internet connection). Keep up to date via Facbook/Twitter/Google+.

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24 responses to “Poole Harbour”

  1. wvincent says:

    If anybody knows the guy who (I think genuinely) took my board from the harbour this evening please msg back! JP Freecarve 104 – knackered but my favourite! Cheers!

  2. KiteSW says:

    Looks like it’s gonna be a good night yeeehaw

  3. SteveDean1 says:

    Another windy weekend, good times!!

  4. Ash20girly says:

    On my waaaaaay woo hoo!

  5. SteveDean1 says:

    Hope everyone got out that wanted to on Sunday!! It was Wiiindy! If you haven’t already, check out the pictures I took down at Sandbanks (third article down). http://www.intheelements.co.uk/blog/category/water/

  6. sparkymick says:

    Wind & Tide look all good for Sunday 22/5/2011 I know what I’m doing

  7. poolewind says:

    How nice has it been to finally get some south westerlies to north westerlies in Poole Harbour – great conditions as well!

  8. sparkymick says:

    Wow hasent Mr Sheen done well, other brands available

  9. JASONCOOK7 says:

    If only they would slow it down a bit!

    • SteveDean1 says:

      Hi Jason,
      No they, just me!!
      The cam is set like that for the kitesurfers and windsurfers, it covers the main beats on a southwesterly breeze! If it was slowed down I would get people saying it takes too long to go full cycle!! Thanks for the feedback it is noted!!

  10. JASONCOOK7 says:

    It’s like watching in HD!!!

  11. SteveDean1 says:

    News just in Poole Cam gets a polish!!!

  12. driddle22 says:

    the wind had aday off
    its just that way lately

  13. stevedean says:

    End of another windless day !!

  14. driddle22 says:

    the wind the wind the wind
    would take the day off

  15. SteveDean1 says:

    Looks like a no wind day tomorrow !

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  • Will the beach cams work on my mobile? Yes on apple devices, for Android you will need to download an app to view Flash content. I have used ‘Photon Flash Player‘ many times and it works well. Android will be available in the future though.


  • The Beach cam is not showing? the cams will go down from time to time. 90%of the time its a case of just resetting the webcam. If you do visit and the cam is not working, feel free to let me know via Facebook or email steve@intheelements.com


  • How do you take pictures of the webcam streaming on my your phone? It’s very simple I explain here.


  • Can you install a webcam for my company? Yes I can, send me an email and we can talk through the process. steve@intheelements.com


Thanks to our Friends at The Watersports Academy we have placed a webcam overlooking the main Windsurfing and Kitesurfing area in Poole Harbour. Situated on Sandbanks our camera gives unrivalled views of the watersports mecha of Poole and the main channel for powerboaters and yacht sailors, using the very best technology for the best visuals. You can also search for local, shops and centres for lessons, events, equipment and even jobs.