Hayling Island

Bournemouth weatherWelcome to our  Hayling Island Webcam, live views of the Solent, watch the Windsurfers and kitesurfers do their thing. We now have a live weather station Bournemouth live weather.

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12 responses to “Hayling Island”

  1. Frisby says:

    Why is there no one on the water? im sitting a work wanting to be there, get out there.

  2. markgidney says:

    Sat 21 May – a great sunny and windy day at Hayling – where was everyone?! Robert and I enjoyed it anyway – Cheers Robert.

  3. SteveDean1 says:

    My arch nemesis (The Hayling Spider) deserves to be named!! Any suggestions???

  4. SteveDean1 says:


  5. SteveDean1 says:

    Spider beats the dust!!!

  6. markgidney says:

    Weymouth Cam is great too-excellent coverage!

  7. markgidney says:


    Cam is working well, any chance of moving the spider on the Hayling LoL???

  8. SteveDean1 says:

    On friday the 22nd keep your eyes peeled, all the competitors for the Round Hayling Island race will be coming round!!

  9. SteveDean1 says:

    You can now comment here!!!!!

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Frequently Asked questions


  • Will the beach cams work on my mobile? Yes on apple devices, for Android you will need to download an app to view Flash content. I have used ‘Photon Flash Player‘ many times and it works well. Android will be available in the future though.


  • The Beach cam is not showing? the cams will go down from time to time. 90%of the time its a case of just resetting the webcam. If you do visit and the cam is not working, feel free to let me know via Facebook or email steve@intheelements.com


  • How do you take pictures of the webcam streaming on my your phone? It’s very simple I explain here.


  • Can you install a webcam for my company? Yes I can, send me an email and we can talk through the process. steve@intheelements.com